SS NIMBY- A collaborative month-long public art project for the OH! Joo Chiat Open House 2015
Artists/ Designers
Randy Chan
Zenas Deng
Fiona Tan 
SWITCH (Lighting design)
Aletheia Tan (OH! Team- collection of Objects)
with the tremendous Support from
Numerous individuals who contributed their precious personal artefacts/items
Joo Chiat residents
"Memories ahoy! A coastguard vessel docked at a contested public-yet-pseudo-private "backyard" @136 Tembeling Road, safekeeping a collection of Joo Chiat resident's belongings and personal artefacts- what each contributor reckons will be the last item to bring onboard this modern day "Noah's Ark". From a wooden chair to a typewriter to a single sterling earring, unique stories of transition, separation, simple pleasures, love, loss and time anchored in each momento. Conceptualised and curated as a collaborative public installation between Randy Chan, Zenas Deng and Fiona Tan, this marine memory capsule (belonging to one of Joo Chiat's residents) made its artistic debut following an eventful "cruise" from East Coast Park to the site."- Text by Ng Hui Yi
Structure in Construction (BRC mesh and Steel)
The Structure is conceived as a labyrinth of  small spaces in which the different artefacts and accompanied narratives are inserted or delicately supported by the BRC mesh. A series of coloured strings weave through the structure as a visual representation of a mental map- linking narratives, common themes and artefacts together. The public particpates in this creation and recollection of memory by depositing their own stories of objects and people dear to them- contributing towards the community memory capsule of sorts.
Moving SS NIMBY on-site
View of Structure from Roof of SS NIMBY
Soft Launch

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