"There once was a place called Gentlefolk County. Its citizens were known throughout the land for becoming ideal citizens instantly, thus creating the perfect society. Well, almost.
As Singapore Design celebrates its 50th anniversary, we look at what it takes to Design a society from scratch and how to make it perfect. Here, we have imported from Gentlefolk County two out of seven special yet ordinary machines that build the ideal citizen, the Carpet Grass Dispenser and the Desk of Optimal Study. These machines have been re-engineered to improve every aspect of their users' daily lives, be it personal grooming, table etiquette, small talk, and of course body posture! By constructing the individual citizen correctly, inter-human interactions become properly systematised, until the whole society (and all its many moving parts) runs like a well-oiled organic machine.
This pop-up showcase is also a preview to Instant Citizen, a showcase of five other machines in early 2016. To introduce the exhibition, an intuitive and interactive craft workshop-The Garden of Fleeting Nature(s) will be open to the public. Singaporeans can lay claim to a plot of green land (Astroturf) in the pleasant world of Gentlefolk. Participants can work together to design their ideal Garden city and in so doing appreciate the importance of greenery in the city. The workshop aims to generate more ideas and conversations on what it means to build a greener, more pleasant urban space from bottom-up."

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