I am a registered Architect with the Board of Architects, Singapore. I attained my Bachelors of Arts (Architecture) Degree at the National University of Singapore in 2011 and went on to complete my Masters in Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, (UCL)
University College London with Merit Award in 2013 under the Design Singapore Overseas  Scholarship. 
I am based in Singapore and work in award-winning Architectural firm- Zarch Collaboratives Pte Ltd.  I am passionate about both the Design, Contract Execution and Project Management aspects of Architecture and enjoy the creative rigour of weaving  Architectural narratives into Spatial design. 
In my personal capacity, I have a keen interest in multi-disciplinary collaborations, embracing the role of both the Permanent and the Temporary in Architecture and the Arts. I am passionate about the role of Architecture and the Arts in shaping community, an interest I explore in my  personal and collaborative art/ architectural exhibitions and installations. This website is an archive of these personal explorations and musings told through visual art/ installations.
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