Fiona is interested in the social and political roles that architecture and design can play in shaping society. Central themes that run through her works are the issues of identity, authority and migration.Often humorous or satirical, the projects raise questions of existing ways of living and negotiating the city.Through the deliberate distortion of reality and the reinvention of past practices, her projects  aim to create and suggest alternative yet plausible new modes of living. Straddling across different scales and medium (installations, paintings, research, drawings), her work also explores the use of icons and diagrams as a crucial means of representation and critique.
This site is a compilation of the ghosts of her projects- past, present and yet thought of.
Fiona received her Masters in Architecture (Part 2) with Merit Award from The Bartlett,UCL in 2013 and her Bachelors in Architecture (Part 1) from The National University of Singapore in 2011.She is a Singapore based Architect  practising in the  award-winning Architecture Practice, Zarch Collaboratives Pte Ltd. She is also a recipient of The Design Singapore Overseas Scholarship.
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