Monument I: Weather and Control
The society of New London shall control and protect the city from mould, decay, weather or otherness. The maintenance and daily upkeep of Londonia is used as asocial tool to engage communities and foster a sense of cohesion. It will lead the revolution against other cities' feeble attempts ot control the weather with man-made technologies. Instead, citizens of Londonia are expected to adhere strictly to the cleaning routines with the help of machines designed to encourage as much manual labour as possible. (see components section).
*Manually intensive labour is used as a means of instilling the concept of working hard for the greater good of society .Every machine and routine engaged in New London is calibrated for specific productive purposes. Frivolous and flippant activities are frowned upon.
Monument II: Inclusivity and Productivity
In its celebration of diversity, animals will be included as productive members of New London wherever logically efficient and/or possible. Bringing animals into the city also allows a greater degree of self-sufficiency for New London.
*The animals in Londonia are used as a socio-political critique on the pretense inclusion of migrants into Singapore's workforce. The structure of the types reveal however the actual discrimination and class struggle within this 'ideal' city.
Monument III: Social Etiquette
Migrants to New London are expected to mind their manners. The concept of acceptable behaviour might be more foreign to some and familiar to others. Besides the mandatory etiquette classes for the new inhabitants, the design of spaces and components shall be seen as devices for the inculcation of good behaviour and virtues of sharing.
Social etiquette is inculcated/ imposed on its inhabitants through specifically designed components and the School for social etiquette typology. It is an allegory of similar state-initiated programs and campaigns undertaken by newly independent Singapore in 1965. ( some of which carries on today).
Monument IV: Language and communication
Reflecting the independence and autonomy of New London, the architecture language shall play on allegories and distortions of realities to go beyond efficiency and functionalism to spin tales and stories of common identity and social commentaries.
Everyday iconography and familiar symbols shall be used to express the social and morial intentions of thebuilding in a way that can be universally understood.
Monument V: Instant Natures
New London embraces fleeting experiences and instant gratifications. Complementing the more permanent structures within Londonia, shall be a series of mobile instruments which can be deployedaccording to the whims of the citizens of New London. Temporality is embraced as a flexible and practical way of negotiating the rapidly changing city.

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