(Collaboration with Dawn Lim for Parking Day 2016 and Archifest 2016)
The Float House V 1.0 is a 2mx2mx2m mobile microstructure which can be readily assembled and disassembled within a confined perimeter of a single 5mx2.4m parking lot, or other plots of residual public spaces. Made up of 700 streams of inflatable cheer sticks, its colourful facade and form can be readily manipulated to form varying degrees of enclosures and openings thus creating different landscapes for habitation – lying, sitting, standing, crawling etc. This flexibility allows
the Float House to respond to the specificities of whichever contexts it is transported to.

A response to our increasingly populated and 'public' urban environments, the Float House is envisioned to offer a place
of solitude and creative contemplation in the middle of a busy street, public square etc. Hosting up to 2 people at a
time, the user(s) is isolated from the external environment save for an opening towards to sky.

The colourful and recognisable cheer sticks offer an arresting visual in what would otherwise be another everyday space.  The intimate scale of the project provides an interesting challenge in choosing a reduced and yet eye-catching
material palette. The deliberate use of an off-the-shelf readymade object allows one to modify/contemplate our
perception of the product's utility and significance while at the same time creating a playful juxtaposition with the
harsher permanence of the urban-scape in which the structure is inserted.

(A more compact version-The Float House V 2.0 was installed at the Archifest Pavilion 2016
 using the materials assembled and disassembled from V 1.0)

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