The Piano stairs
The 'balancing-act' table
The 'balancing-act' table aims to encourage common social etiquette and table manners. Made of a series of pulleys and counterweights, it operates and responds according to user behaviour. Designed to fold on itself when one's table partner gets up to leave, it reduces and eventually eliminates the frequency of excusing oneself from the table prematurely.
The seed sower bicycle
All activities in Londonia must be taken for the greater good of the society. The boris bikes shall be replaced with the seed sower bicycle, ensuring that every journey is productively contributing to the cultivation or irrigation of food crops.
The hamster wheel lightbulb
Suitable for children ages 7-11, the hamster wheel lightbulb is located within the playground of the School of social etiquette. The frivolity of play for the sake of selfish pleasure is frowned upon in New London. Similar to other playground equipment within the compound, beyond a form of after class entertainment, the hamster wheel serves the important function of lighting up the lightbulbs in the dining hall.
The hamster wheel treadmill can power 3 60W light bulbs with each revolution for 5 minutes.

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