Ways of Seeing (2021) is a larger than life "telescope" positioned to face and pay homage to the Singapore River. An important site of exchange- the River serves as a silent witness to the progress, constant flux and evolution of Singapore's past, present and future. Visitors are invited to peer in, walk into or rest under the structure to view their surroundings through new frames. In this unprecedented times of Covid-19 and safe distancing, the telescope motif takes on an additional layer of reading- the metaphorical act of viewing, observing and savouring of experiences from afar.
Client: Asian Civilisations Museum for the Light to Night Festival 2021
Ways of Seeing was staged together with a digital engagement film piece and a children's  craft workshop 
Collaborators: Finbarr Fallon, Faye Lim, Randy Chan
Features: CNA 938 radio, The Straits Times, ACM Panel talk, a-list.sg ..
Ways of Seeing at Dusk Photo credits: Finbarr Fallon
The making of Ways of Seeing
Photo credits: Finbarr Fallon
Image taken from Telescopic Dreams still: Film by Finbarr Fallon and Faye Lim
An interpretative piece in conjunction with Ways of Seeing

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